What to Expect From Your Inspection

If you are in need of a home inspection in Cincinnati, American Verified Home Inspections is here to help. Whether you need a buyer’s inspection, a pre-listing inspection, or you just are interested in a home inspection to ensure proper maintenance of your current home, you can trust us to deliver excellent services.

We tend to spend 3-4 hours on site during the home inspection. We use the most update technology like thermal cameras, drones, moisture meters, and carbon monoxide meters to help assess a home’s condition. Our inspectors encourage our buyer’s to be there for the entire inspection, to walk around with us and ask questions as we go. Our reports are clearly written with specific and relevant information, substantiated with photographs to describe a problem, and recommend the next step in addressing. This is very different from other inspection companies who use cut and paste, vague comments and cleverly worded disclaimers throughout their reports. Our inspectors are plain spoken and clear. A common refrain from our customers after the inspections is;

“This was way more thorough than I ever imagined.”

What is included in a home inspection?

Wondering what’s included in a standard home inspection from American Verified Home Inspections?
Here is a quick overview of the services included in your home inspection, and the major systems that we inspect and assess throughout the process.

  • Roof

    The roof is one of the most costly and important structures. We will examine the roof, its structure, shingles/tiles, flashing, gutters, downspouts and more.

  • Exterior

    This includes the exterior walkways and doors, siding, eaves and soffits, fascia, paint, and other such elements of the home’s exterior.

  • HVAC

    We will visually inspect the HVAC systems including ducts, filters, furnaces and air conditioning units.

  • Plumbing

    We will visually inspect plumbing fixtures for proper function, including tubs, sinks, hoses, showers, and water shut-off valves, and look for leaks and other such flaws.

  • Electrical Systems

    We will visually inspect both interior and exterior electrical systems including service drops, service masts, grounding, outlets, meters, circuit breakers, and other such systems.

  • Appliances

    We will test and examine all major appliances like hot water heaters, washers and dryers, dishwashers, refrigerators, freezers, and more.

  • Doors, Windows & Interior

    We will check doors and windows for proper sealing and drafts, signs of mold or water damage, and more. We will also check the condition of all interior spaces.

  • Foundations, Basements and Crawl Spaces

    We will examine the foundation, crawlspaces and basements to look for signs of things like past water damage, foundation cracking or shifting, and other such potentially expensive issues.

  • Attic, Ventilation & Insulation

    We will examine the attic to ensure it is properly ventilated, check for mold and moisture, assess the level of insulation, and more.